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Teen Pregnancy Births by Age of Parents by Resident County and Zipcode


These tables show three-year aggregates of Oregon resident births by age of father and age of mother, county, and zipcode.

ADVISORY: These data should be used cautiously for teen births -- between 1993 and 1997 forty-four percent of birth certificates where the mother was 17 or younger had no information on the father. Note also that information on the father is not added to the statistical file when paternity affidavits are filed after the close of the data year. Programs to prevent early childbearing are expanding their focus to include education and outreach programs to men.

To retrieve a data table:

  1. Select desired three year aggregate
  2. Select desired County (or State Total*)
  3. Select summary level: County or County by Zipcode

*Note: Select year range, State Total, and County to retrieve State Total by County data table.