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Rubella (German measles) (vaccine-preventable)


Rubella is a viral disease characterized by slight fever, rash and swollen glands. Most cases are mild. Childhood immunization is recommended.

Disease Reporting

Health care providers and clinical laboratories are required to report cases and suspect cases of Rubella to local health departments immediately, day or night, after identification. Call 971-673-1111 to reach the state health department doctor on call.

Cases are subject to restriction on school attendance, day-care attendance, and patient care while in the communicable stage of the disease. If sufficient measures have been taken to prevent transmission, or the disease is no longer communicable, worksite, child-care and school restrictions can be removed by the local public health authority.

Disease reporting form (pdf) for health-care practitioners

See our disease reporting page for information on how to report and for telephone numbers of local health departments.

For county health departments:

Rubella (German measles): Investigative guidelines (pdf)
Suspect Rubella Case Specimen Submission Instructions (pdf)
Rubella (German measles): Case report form (pdf)



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