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Arthritis Program Plans

In 1999, the Oregon Public Health Division received a two-year planning grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to staff an Arthritis Program that could develop population-based approaches to assess and address arthritis in Oregon. Working with the Oregon Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, a diverse group of individuals and organizations convened to form the Arthritis Advisory Council. The purpose was to draft a comprehensive - yet practical - statewide plan to address the impact of arthritis in Oregon. This is the 2006 Plan.
CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion provided grants to 37 state health departments in 1999 to develop and enhance state-based programs that will decrease the burden of arthritis and improve the quality of life among people with arthritis.

Arthritis Facts and Data

Arthritis Quick-Fact Sheet (pdf) 
Answers: What is Arthritis, Who is Affected by Arthritis, What are the Costs, Treatment, and Risk Factors?
Includes: Oregon Data and Facts about Oregon's Arthritis Program


CD Summary Newsletters: Arthritis

The CD Summary is a publication of the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division, and is distributed every two weeks. The intended audience is licensed health care providers; public health and health care agencies; media representatives; medical laboratories; hospitals; and other individuals and institutions with an interest in epidemiology and public health interests.

CD Summary articles from the Arthritis Program:

Move it to Soothe It:  Physical Activity and Arthritis (pdf) December 2011

Arthritis Can Be a Real Pain in the Joint (pdf)  January 2009

Preventing Osteoporotic Fractures (pdf) October 2005

Controlling Arthritis Morbidity - A Joint Effort (pdf) August 2004

Arthritis Swelling Among Oregonians (pdf) June 2001



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