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Learn about the Public Health Division investigation and EPA assessment of osteosarcoma cases in West Salem during 2008-2012.
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Cancer is a complex and often deadly disease that has no single cause or simple cure. As a state, we currently address cancer through a variety of approaches that include cancer prevention, early detection and survivorship.



On this page:

Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control (OPCC)
Colorectal cancer: The cancer you can prevent
Breast and Cervical Cancer Program
Want to quit smoking?
Want to make your workplace healthy?
Need help living well as a cancer survivor?

Get involved in the Oregon Partnership for cancer control (OPCC)

The Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control is a coalition of individuals and organizations working to reduce the burden of cancer in Oregon. Our active committees focus on particular topics or areas of cancer to identify and address the most pressing issues in prevention, survivorship, early detection and policy. All meetings are open and can be attended in person or on the phone. Join us!

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Colorectal Cancer: The Cancer you can Prevent

Colorectal cancer is the second most deadly form of cancer. But it doesn't have to be.

Screening can prevent colorectal cancer or catch it when it is highly treatable. Too few men and women in Oregon are getting screened. There are several reliable screening tests-some cost as little as $25 and all are covered by insurance. Get screened....then tell a friend to!

Join the Colorectal Health Task Force to help shape our strategies for addressing this important issue. Or, learn more about the campaign at

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Breast and Cervical cancer Program

The Oregon Health Authority's Breast and Cervical Cancer Program offers un - and underinsured women ages 40-64 with access to free breast and cervical cancer screenings through a statewide network of contracted providers.

 link to the Oregon Breast and Cervical Cancer Program site

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Need help Quitting Smoking?


  • 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669)
  • Español: 1-877-2NO FUME (1-877-266-3863)
  • TTY: 1-877-777-6534

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How to make your workplace healthy

Wellness at Work is a public-private partnership that aspires to reach more than one million Oregonians with workplace policies and programs that support employees to eat healthier, move more, quit tobacco, and use the kinds of health care that will improve and sustain their health. Included at this site are:

  • A free worksite assessment
  • Steps to building a culture of health
  • Model policies for making your workplace tobacco free, and more

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Need help Living Well as a Cancer Survivor?

Living Well with Chronic Conditions is a six-week workshop that provides tools for living a healthy life with chronic health conditions including cancer. Through weekly sessions, the workshop provides support and tools for managing stress, medications, communication with your health care providers, and more.

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