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Cancer in Oregon Reports

These reports contain cancer surveillance data and trends as well as other important cancer information since our first reporting year in 1996. Read Understanding OSCaR Data to learn about current methods used in the data analysis of cancer in Oregon.

Quarterly Newsletter (Current and past newsletters)

CD Summary Newsletters

The CD Summary is a publication of the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division, and is distributed every two weeks. The intended audience is licensed health care providers; public health and health care agencies; media representatives; medical laboratories; hospitals; and other individuals and institutions with an interest in epidemiology and public health interests.

  • Cancer in Oregon (pdf) September 2012
    The Oregon State Cancer Registry (OSCaR) reports on the leading sites of cancer incidence and mortality in Oregon for 2009 as well as epidemiology, obesity-related cancers, cancer screening, and the new reporting rules in this version of the CD Summary.
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening: Get Your Patients' Rears in Gear (pdf) February 2010
    This CD Summary reviews data on colorectal cancer cases, deaths, and screening rates in Oregon, and provides updated information on screening guidelines. 
  • Lung Cancer in Oregon: Where We are at and What We can do About It (pdf) June 2008
    In this issue of the CD Summary, we review the epidemiology of lung cancer in Oregon, touch briefly on the status of screening guidelines for this condition and review what clinicians can do to tackle this disease.
  • Controlling Cancer in Oregon (pdf) March 2007
    In 2004, a group of clinicians, public health professionals, and concerned citizens came together and developed the Oregon Comprehensive Cancer Plan. The plan addresses issues such as how best to ensure access to evidence-based, state-of-the-art cancer treatment, and strategies to decrease disparities in cancer burden.
  • The Face of Cancer in Oregon (pdf) November 2004
    The impact of cancer in the state, some basic steps you and your patients can take to lessen this impact, and how we're doing statewide in implementing some of these steps.
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening and Prevention (pdf) January 2004
    Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is the third leading cause of cancer-related death in Oregon, behind lung and breast cancer. Every day, five Oregonians are diagnosed with invasive CRC, and it ranks fourth in incidence among cancers affecting Oregonians.
  • Lung Cancer in Oregon (pdf) May 2003
    In this CD Summary, we describe the epidemiology of lung cancer in Oregon with national comparisons for 1996-2000: Lung Cancer in Oregon.
  • Prostate Cancer: to Screen or not to Screen (pdf) January 2002
    Review a discussion of current screening methods and the controversy surrounding these screening methods in this issue of the CD Summary.


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