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Download the complete report:PDF file: Cancer in Oregon, 2004 Cancer in Oregon, 2004 (pdf) 
      Executive Summary (pdf)
      Introduction (pdf)
      What's New (pdf)
      Cancer Data Overview (pdf)


Selected Sites

      All Cancers (pdf)
      Bladder Cancer (pdf)
      Brain and CNS Tumors - Malignant (pdf)
      Brain and CNS Tumors - Non-Malignant (pdf)
      Breast Cancer - Female (pdf)
      Cervical Cancer (pdf)
      Childhood Cancer (pdf)
      Colorectal Cancer (pdf)
      Esophageal Cancer (pdf)
      Kidney Cancer (pdf)
      Leukemia (pdf)
      Liver Cancer (pdf)
      Lung and Bronchial Cancer (pdf)
      Lymphoma (pdf)
      Melanoma (pdf)
      Oropharyngeal Cancer (pdf)
      Ovarian Cancer (pdf)
      Pancreatic Cancer (pdf)
      Prostate Cancer (pdf)
      Stomach Cancer (pdf)
      Thyroid Cancer (pdf)
      Uterine Cancer (pdf)

Table 1Oregon Incidence Data by Site and Sex, 2000-2004 (pdf)

Table 2Oregon Mortality Data by Site and Sex, 2000-2004 (pdf)

Technical Section (pdf)
   - Data Sources
   - Data Quality and Completeness
   - Epidemiologic Measures
   - Glossary


      AReportable List of Incidence Cases with ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code, and Preferred ICD-0-3 Terminology (pdf)
      BMortality Codes for Cancer Deaths Newly Reportable in 2001 (pdf)
      CSEER Site Recode for Incidence, ICD-O-3 Definition (pdf)
      DSEER Causes of Death Recodes (pdf)
      ESite/Histology Recode Based on International Classification of Childhood Cancer (pdf)