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Heart Disease and Stroke Data

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Statewide Plans and other Reports

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CD Summary Newsletters: Heart Disease and Stroke

The CD Summary is a publication of the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division, and is distributed every two weeks. The intended audience is licensed health care providers; public health and health care agencies; media representatives; medical laboratories; hospitals; and other individuals and institutions with an interest in epidemiology and public health interests.

CD Summary articles from the Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program:

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Statewide Reports

 Keeping Oregonians Healthy Report (pdf)  

Keeping Oregonians Healthy (pdf) is a statewide report that summarizes information about the burden of chronic diseases and related risk factors among Oregonians. It provides information about how many people in our state are affected by various diseases or conditions that can cause them. It also reviews differences in rates of these conditions by county, by socioeconomic status, and between racial and ethnic communities in the state. Finally, it describes effective strategies through which we can manage and even prevent chronic disease among the state's population.


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