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Curriculum Update Training Timeline

Stanford plans to release an updated CDSMP book and curriculum in Fall 2012 (the update is only for CDSMP/Living Well at this time and does not apply to Tomando Control de su Salud or PSMP) and all Living Well leaders and master trainers will need to participate in a curriculum update training.

Master trainers will receive their update by Fall 2013 by participating in an on-line webinar.  Leaders need to attend a one, full-day curriculum update training. 


For the time being, licensed organizations may continue to offer workshops using the existing curriculum. OHA/DHS is closely following the new requirements, and will continue to work with Oregon’s licensed organizations and trainers to try to determine how these changes will impact existing programs. 


For more information please visit



How is Oregon's Plan Being Coordinated for Active Master Trainers and Lay Leaders


Master Trainers

Stanford will be providing curriculum update training via online videos and one 2-hour online based webinar that Master Trainers will need to complete in order to receive certification. Once certified they will be able to teach the new curriculum in CDSMP workshops and provide leader trainings – which includes leading the one day curriculum update trainings for lay leaders.  These web-based trainings will cost $250 per Master Trainer. 


For eligibility requirements visit


Lay Leaders


The update for active lay leaders will consist of a one-day, in-person training.  Information about leader training updates will be posted on this website as it becomes available. 



Training Update Plans for Oregon


The Living Well Network Steering Committee is advising the OHA/DHS Living Well team on how to coordinate a statewide approach to the training update process.


Next steps are to identify where active leaders and master trainers are in the state, how many people need to be retrained and where, and what resources and challenges our 20+ licensed organizations have with the process.


OHA/DHS has sent a brief survey to each organization with a Living Well license to gather this information. Results will help OHA /DHS coordinate support for retraining efforts.


OHA will continue to provide material support for leader trainings, this includes the update trainings.  Coordinators, please contact to notify OHA of materials needed for upcoming training - keeping in mind that advance notice will be needed.


Information about update trainings for leaders will be posted on this website as it becomes available. As updates are made to this website, notices will also be sent to the Living Well listserv.



Find a Curriculum Update Training: Information


Master Trainers


Sign up for the web-based update training through Stanford’s website at:  


Lay Leaders


Please click here for a calendar of scheduled Leader Training Update Classes in your area.  Please contact your local coordinator for information on trainings if one has not yet been scheduled in your area.


For more information please contact us at 888-576-7414 or visit the Stanford website at: