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Reporting Living Well Data

The Oregon Health Authority asks your assistance in collecting information about where Stanford self-management programs are offered across Oregon and who is participating. This information helps track statewide successes and identifies additional training, funding, and other support needs.

Books For Data

OHA will provide program books to the licensed organization providing the workshop, as funding permits. To receive books, data must be:

  • Complete sets of forms:
    • Program summary
    • Attendance log
    • All completed participant information forms
  • The latest version of forms (see links below).
  • Received within 4 weeks of the final workshop session.
  • Living Well/CDSMP or Tomando Control data. We urge you to also send information about other Stanford workshops, but due to funding restrictions we can only send books in return for Living Well and Tomando Control data packets.

Please note the following:

  • Do not send personally identifiable information.
    Sometimes participants put names, birth dates, addresses, or other protected information on the forms. Black out any of that information before sending and replace with the participant’s initials or some other way to connect their participant form to the attendance log (a number or a letter).
  • Organizations may receive one book per participant, up to a maximum of 10.
    For example: an organization will receive 10 books when they submit 12 participant forms, or 8 books for 8 participant forms.
  • Allow at least two weeks after submission of complete program data for delivery of books.
  • OHA must have non-disclosure statements and privacy/security training certificates on file for the workshop leaders.
  • Submit completed forms within 4 weeks of the last workshop session:

    • By mail: Oregon Self-Management Programs, 800 NE Oregon Street Suite 730, Portland OR 97232
    • By fax: 971-673-0994
    • Via encrypted email (if you don’t know whether your email is encrypted, it probably isn’t – please be safe and mail or fax it instead)

For further information, please see the OHA Books for Data Policy (pdf – updated 2/2015).

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Living Well/CDSMP and other English-language Stanford program forms:

The About this Workshop Survey Packet (pdf) provides an overview of forms and usage for Stanford self-management program leaders.

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Spanish Language Forms

Please note updated versions of these forms are undergoing translation as of December 2013.

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Report Upcoming Programs Online

To report an upcoming program please use the link below:

  • Online submission for upcoming program information
    Please send us information about all upcoming programs, whether or not they are open to the public. Include all information necessary to post the information on our online workshop calendar and/or to track internally. Workshop type, location, date, time, city, county, cost (if any), and contact for registration.

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