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Changing Our Lives Video

This 7 min video is available in both English and Spanish (Tomando Control de Su Salud) and provides firsthand comments on the impact of self-management workshops in Oregon.

The primary audience is funders, healthcare and other referral groups, potential partner organizations that can help facilitate workshops; potential Leaders; potential participants, and others! The video was designed to be used in the context of an overall presentation, and requires additional information to be provided on specific programs.


What's in the Video?

  • Comments on the impact of programs by participants and Leaders of Living Well with Chronic Conditions (chronic disease self-management), Tomando Control de Su Salud, and Positive Self-Management for People with HIV/AIDS programs in Oregon
  • Brief supportive comments from Dr. Kate Lorig, Stanford University; Dr. John Santa, Portland State University; David Rebanal, Northwest Health Foundation

Recommended Use

The video provides testimonials and comments on the impact of these self-management workshops in Oregon, but requires additional information to be provided.  Depending on the audience, your presentation using this video can be short (i.e. 10-15 min) or lengthy (i.e. an hour or more), but we recommend you include the following information:


Basic Information to Include

Recommended for all presentations:

  • Workshop logistics – i.e.  2 ½ hours, 6 weeks (7 for PSMP), groups of 8-15 participants, led by 2 trained lay leaders, designed for people with any type of chronic condition, designed to complement – not replace! – disease-specific programs and education
  • What is covered in a workshop – consider providing handout with the overview of the workshop that is typically provided to participants, note importance of action planning, brainstorming, and problem solving throughout
  • How your audience can be involved – referrals, hosting a workshop, attending a workshop, recruiting Leaders, etc.


Additional Details

Depending on audience:

  • Background on Stanford’s development of CDSMP, and research outcomes of this evidence-based program (see fact sheet on Stanford or Living Well websites)
  • Example exercises from the workshop – many choose to demonstrate the lemon exercise or action planning with an audience
  • Explanation of what is meant by “self-management” – vs. disease education or disease management
  • State, national, and international use of this workshop.  Growing interest and support in Oregon from insurers and health systems.


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Copyright Notice

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The two videos presented for viewing and download here are not available for lending, however, the Living Well program has other productions about the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program available on loan in both DVD and VCR format. See details below:

Click to play video
Watch: Changing Our Lives--
Living Well in Oregon

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Watch: Tomando Control
de Su Salud

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