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Complete Processor Applications





Applicants who have submitted a complete application to be registered with OHA as a medical marijuana processing site are listed below.

To be deemed "complete" an applicant must:

  • Complete the online account creation
  • Complete online payment of application and registration fees
  • Submit proof that the business is registered, or has filed an application to register as a business, with the Oregon Office of the Secretary of State
  • Submit completed Processor Endorsement Form
  • If proposing to process extracts, submit proof from jurisdiction that the proposed site is not located in a residential zone
  • Submit a scaled site plan of parcel on which proposed processing site will be located
  • Submit a scaled floor plan​ of the proposed processing site
  • Submit documentation that proves applicant has lawful possession of the proposed processing site
  • Submit the following for each person listed on the application (PRPs and all persons with financial interest):
  • Completed Individual History Form
  • A legible copy of the individual's valid, government-issued photo identification that includes first name, last name and date of birth
  • Background Check Request Form (sent to BCU)
  • Background Check Request Fee of $35.00 (sent to OHA)

List of processors that filed completed applications

  • The Authority must still complete ADDITIONAL STEPS, including an application review and readiness inspection, before these sites are registered.
  • Applications submitted for a processing site located in a city or county that has adopted an ordinance​ prohibiting the establishment of processing sites in accordance with ORS 475B.800 or section 133, chapter 614 Oregon Laws 2015 WILL BE DENIED by the Authority.
  • A dispensary may ONLY ACCEPT the transfer of extracts from a registered processing site or a processing site listed below as having submitted a complete application.
  • Listed processors are required to meet MONTHLY REPORTING REQUIREMENTS which start in June of 2016. Please review the requirements.
  • ON AND AFTER OCTOBER 1, 2016, all marijuana products transferred to a dispensary, including concentrates and edibles, must be from a processor listed below as having submitted a complete application. Processors who do not appear on this list will not be able to transfer products to a dispensary starting October 1, 2016.
  • Starting April 1, 2017, processors must be fully registered in order to transfer marijuana and accept transfers of marijuana.  Fully registered means that you have passed a readiness inspection and have your certificate of registration from OMMP in hand. Pending and complete applications will not count as being fully registered. Processors may continue working towards becoming fully registered after April 1, 2017.
​Processor List 

This is the list of processors that are currently able to accept transfers of marijuana items and make transfers of marijuana products to dispensaries. 

List of processors (Excel)

List of processors (PDF)​

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