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2016 CD Summary Issues

A newsletter published by Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division.

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​Nov 29
Vol 65 No 11

​Why did I eat that? Scombroid (histamine) fish poisoning in Oregon (pdf)

Oct 11
Vol 65 No 10

What's New in Flu? (pdf)

Sept 26
Vol 65 No 9

Pertussis Vaccination: Why bother (pdf)
August 26
Vol 65 No 8

Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain: Guidelines are one piece of the puzzle (pdf)

​July 20
Vol 65 No 7 

2016 Immunization Schedules: Adults ≥19 years of age (pdf)

June 28
Vol 65 No 6

Using Genomics for Cancer Prevention (pdf)

June 14
Vol 65 No 5

​Notice of Proposed Rule-Making Hearing: New definitions and disease reporting requirements (pdf)

June 6
Vol 65 No 4

2016 Immunization Schedules: Children and adolescents (pdf)

​Apr 22
Vol 65 No 3

The Buzz about Zika (pdf)

Apr 13
Vol 65 No 2

Marijuana use, attitudes, and health effects in Oregon (pdf) 

Mar 25
Vol 65 No 1

Sexually-transmitted infection in Oregon: Everything you wanted to know (pdf)

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