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Turkey Season is Here
holiday meal
On November 22, 1995, a 13-pound turkey was thawed for 6 hours in cold water and stored in a refrigerator overnight. The next morning the turkey was stuffed with bread crumbs, giblets, and three raw eggs. Parts of the turkey were noted to still be frozen. The turkey was cooked for one hour at 350F and 4 hours at 300F, until the skin was brown. Six people sat down to eat that dinner. They all became sick 1 to 13 hours after eating. One person died and two more were hospitalized. An investigation found that they had contracted salmonellosis.
On December 4, 2006, a church group in Oklahoma sat down to a Christmas feast of turkey. 53 people became ill. Investigation revealed Clostridium perfringens food poisoning due to lack of proper temperature control of the cooked turkey.
Keep your holiday meals safe

It’s turkey season again. To keep your holidays festive, remember that proper food handling, cooking and storage are very important, especially when cooking large amounts of food.