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Oregon ESSENCE (Oregon's Syndromic Surveillance Project)
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Syndromic Surveillance: Real-time Data for Public Health Action

Syndromic surveillance in Oregon (a project called Oregon ESSENCE - Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-Based Epidemics) provides real-time data for public health and hospitals to monitor what is happening in emergency departments across the state before, during and after a public health emergency.

With Oregon ESSENCE, hospital users and public health personnel will have a window into the health consequences of emergencies and planned events. Participating facilities are encouraged to leverage Electronic Health Record systems to automate reporting of health records (often in coordination with Federal Meaningful Use preparations). Oregon ESSENCE is a collaboration between the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Learn how to access Oregon ESSENCE and get User Guides and materials.
Information about Meaningful Use and syndromic surveillance.
Information on technical guidance, such as ESSENCE message creation and testing.
Get an overview of syndromic surveillance, including MMWR reports and information on how other jurisdictions have used the system.