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Cryptococcus Testing

If you're a veterinarian and your patient has these symptoms, we can test for Cryptococcus at Oregon State University, Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory (OSU, VDL). You can participate in this prospective study by sending samples of suspected cases to OSU, VDL for further analysis. Our grant award allows us to assist in offsetting the cost of testing samples at OSU, VDL at no charge to you.

Oregon State University requires:
  1. A routine a swab in transport media (culturettes, not refrigerated), sent by regular mail with the submission form (see below).
  2. Serum sample (red top) for Cryptococcal antigen test.
  3. If diagnosed by cytology, please collect a fresh sample when possible and send to OSU.
  4. If diagnosed from a formalin or paraffin sample, please have the sample forwarded to OSU for PCR testing.
  5. Download the OSU, VDL submission form (pdf). The form needs to mention "Special Cryptococcus Study.”
Send samples to:

Oregon State University
134 Magruder Hall
Corvallis, OR 97339

We excited to learning more about Cryptococcus and sincerely hope that you will be able to assist us in this important study. Feel free to contact Dr. Emilio DeBess at (971) 673-1111, or send an email to