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Mumps (vaccine-preventable)


Mumps can cause swelling of the neck glands, nerve damage, and deafness.

Mumps is a reportable disease in Oregon. Childhood immunization is recommended. Healthcare workers should have evidence of immunity to mumps.

Disease Reporting

What is required?

Health care providers and clinical laboratories are required to report cases and suspect casesof mumps to local health departments within one working day after identification. Call 971-673-1111 to reach the state health department doctor on call.

Cases are subject to restriction on school and day-care attendance, and patient care while in the communicable stage of the disease. If sufficient measures have been taken to prevent transmission, or the disease is no longer communicable, worksite, child-care and school restrictions can be removed by the local public health authority.

For county health departments:

Mumps: Investigative Guidelines (pdf)

Mumps: Case report form (pdf)


Mumps statistics (pdf) from the 2015 Communicable Disease Summary Report

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