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Hepatitis C


Hepatitis C (formerly called non-A, non-B hepatitis) is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus. Other types of viral hepatitis include hepatitis A (formerly called infectious hepatitis), hepatitis B (serum hepatitis), hepatitis D (delta hepatitis) and hepatitis E (a virus transmitted through the feces of an infected person).

Disease Reporting

What is required?

Health care providers and clinical laboratories are required by law to report cases and suspect cases of hepatitis C to local health departments within one working day of identification.

Disease reporting form (pdf) for health-care practitioners

See our disease reporting page for information on how to report and for telephone numbers of local health departments.

For county health departments:
Hepatitis C: Investigative guidelines (pdf)
Hepatitis C (acute): Case report form (pdf)
Hepatitis C (chronic): Case report form (pdf)

HCV Reporting
HCV Reporting Algoritm (pdf)  (1/12)

HCV Testing
New HCV testing recommendations from CDC

HCV Screening Project
Pilot Study: English case report form (pdf)
Free HCV Screening Project for Local Health Departments:  This project supports free HCV screenings for high-risk individuals in participating counties. The participating counties agree to follow the Free HCV Screen Protocol.  For more information about the project, please email



From the 2013 Communicable Disease report:


Poster Session:

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