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CDC HIV Prevention Funding Announcement



The CDC Funding Opportunity: Comprehensive HIV Prevention Programs for Health Departments – CDC-RFA-PS12-1201 was received in our office on June 30, 2011.

It is apparent that our first year basic funding award for 2012 will decrease by 20% - 27% from our current award.  CDC's prevention budget has been redirected for alignment with the National HIV/AIDS strategy, moving resources to jurisdictions (other states) with the greatest need as determined by a funding formula based on the numbers of adults and adolescents living with a diagnosis of HIV through 2008.

There are now three categories of funding:

  1. Category A: core required HIV prevention program components for state health departments and activities to be implemented by all jurisdictions, as well as recommended components for consideration by jurisdictions, but not required - Oregon will receive this category of funding.
  2. Category B: expanded HIV testing program activities – Oregon is not eligible for this category of funding.
  3. Category C: demonstration projects for implementing and evaluation innovative, high impact HIV prevention interventions and/or strategies – Oregon will apply for this category of funding.

We will continue to re-examine our current program activities and allocations for state and local partners. Budgets and awards will need to be amended. We are committed to minimizing the difficulty and negative impact of this big change in our state.

We invite your input and questions, will answer the questions as we can, and will use them to help guide our plans.  Please direct your questions to Warren Scott via phone at 971) 673-1161 or via e-mail at

Funding Announcement

The contents of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Funding Opportunity: Comprehensive HIV Prevention Programs for Health Departments – CDC-RFA-PS12-1201 file, amendment dated July 20, 2011, and related documents are listed below.  All of these documents are in PDF format.

Communication / Feedback

Since receiving the initial funding announcement on June 30, 2011, the Oregon HIV Prevention Program has been committed to an open and engaging process.  This included a first communication about the announcement, allowing opportunities to provide input from partners, contractors, and stakeholders as well as conveying information around the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.  Below are documents outlining what has occurred.

Final Funding Announcement Application Documents

The materials below have been submitted as the Oregon HIV Prevention Program response to Funding Announcement PS12-1201 to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The application was submitted on September 14.

National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Please click on the link below for more information.

National HIV/AIDS Strategy

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