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Prevention Briefs Newsletter

"Prevention Briefs" is a bimonthly publication from the Oregon Health Authority HIV Prevention and STD programs.  This newsletter serves as a forum to give brief overviews of major news and upcoming events.  Please click on the month you wish to view.  For more information, please contact Josh Ferrer via phone at (971) 673-0149 or via e-mail at


​Issue ​Articles
​March / April - Current Issue

​​​•  What you need to know about Zika
​​•  What's new with rapid testing
​​•  Female condom available with no co-pay
​​•  Check out Native Voices!
​​•  April is STD Awareness Month


​​•  New data for HIV prevention
​​•  Demonstration project results
​​•  Expanded STI screening
​​•  Who do I contact?


Issue ​Articles

  SyphAware campaign
  Daily PrEP reminders
  State-and county-level HIV data reports
  Outbreak response plan

​September   Updated HIV test form
  New Oregon Reminders materials
  Viral hepatitis report released​

  Updated STD treatment guidelines
  Marriage equality and health equity
  Lane County STD Strategic Plan
  Condom distribution works!​


  Youth sexual health in Oregon
  HIV Prevention Essentials
  Ocular syphilis
  Upcoming events
  A widget for preventive health care
  Who do I contact?​

March   Trauma-informed prevention
  STD program transition
  Rapid syphilis test pricing
  Medicare HIV test coverage
  Community input and planning​
  Progress preventing HIV
  Syphilis results in 12 minutes
  Detecting HIV earlier with a rapid test
  Viral Suppression
  Online HIV prevention training coming soon!
Issue ​Articles

  PrEPline for clinicians
  Updated HIV testing information
  Legacy Health supports routine HIV screening
  Upcoming events
  Websites and apps address sexual health

September •  Supporting clients that test HIV-positive
•  Linkage to care for the uninsured
•  Please welcome Josh!
•  HIV test window period
•  CAREAssist covers syphilis and TB medications
•  Peer-reviewed publications
•  Expedited Partner Therapy​
July •  Confidential HIV testing policy
•  Please welcome Irina!
•  Online STI Partner Services training
•  Upcoming events
•  A sexual health framework for gay men​
May ​ •  New HIV and STD data
•  HTML is not an STD
•  HIV transmission among HIV discordant couples​

•  Partner services changes
•  HIV testing procedural guidance
•  Reducing delayed diagnosis of HIV
•  Lubricant safety
•  New gonorrhea investigative guidelines​


•  One in six with HIV is undiagnosed
•  Oregon HIV laws guide
•  HIV test guidance for contractors
•  Oregon's incarcerated honor World AIDS day
•  The HIV and STI connection

​2013 ​
Issue Articles

•  Expanding healthcare access
•  New Oregon HIV data available
•  Program re-organization​


•  CDC site visit and funding update
•  Preventing perinatal transmission
•  Staffing changes
•  Referrals to services
•  sHIVer data​


•  HIV screening recommendations for clinicians
•  Staffing changes
•  Reaching Oregon's hispanic/latino communities​


•  HIV PrEP and nPEP:  Worthwhile?  Yep!
•  Integrated planning efforts
•  Condom distribution in 2013
•  Oregon Reminders update​


•  Out of care, but not out of mind
•  Price agreement for OraQuick rapid home test kits
•  Policy changes impacting HIV testing and linkage
•  2013 funding update​


•  A new tool for testing and medication adherence
•  Update on HIV test consent policy changes
•  National HIV/AIDS strategy benchmarks
•  Gonorrhea in Oregon
•  Oregon HIV/STD hotline funding update​

​2012 ​
Issue Articles

•  Say what?  Key messages!
•  Rapid HIV home testing
•  New technology-based programs​


•  Google, a Doodle, and you
•  CDC site visit
•  Recent HIV/STD trends in Oregon


•  Internet-based partner services in Oregon
•  Bringing the international AIDS conference to you
•  Update on coordinated care organizations
•  Materials review panel members wanted
•  Statewide HIV prevention plans
•  Named reporting:  are clients concerned?​


•  HIV test consent law change
•  Condom distribution update
•  Linkage to care
•  Integrating prevention and care messages
•  Why are HIV cases reported to OHA?
•  Camp Starlight​


•  Materials for your use
•  Demonstration project funding
•  Program planning update
•  Order by mail
•  HIV test form changes
•  Text messaging for partner services
•  Syringe exchange funding update
•  Get to know tuesday​

2011​ ​
Issue​ Articles

•  World AIDS day
•  Local program planning
•  Guidelines for HIV prophylaxis after sexual assault
•  MSM couples and HIV risks
•  New HIV testing campaign​

October: SPECIAL

•  How is HIV prevention changing?
•  How is local prevention work In Oregon changing?
•  HIV testing
•  Comprehensive prevention with positives
•  Condom distribution
•  Policy/structural initiatives
•  What activities will not be funded?
•  Demonstration project proposals
•  What has OHA done to contain costs​


•  A New statewide planning process
•  Highlights from the National HIV prevention conference
•  Resource inventory
•  Fiscal reports​


•  CDC funding for HIV prevention
•  Social support for PLWHA
•  Put a face with a name
•  Camp Starlight​


•  "Prevent HIV Oregon" on Facebook and Twitter
•  The HIV prevention program supports A6
•  Community awareness grant update​


•  New staff in the state office
•  State of Oregon new website
•  Future changes coming​


•  Funding update
•  Staffing update
•  Supporting healthy options for prevention
•  HIV prevention leadership summit
•  Opportunities
•  HIV planning groups update​

2010​ ​
Issue​ Articles

•  Planning groups integration
•  Oregon AIDS / STD hotline
•  Staffing​


•  Opportunities
•  Summer public health institute
•  Staffing update​


•  What do you know about Hepatitis C?
•  New media communications
•  Contracts and funding opportunities​


•  Adelescent sexuality conference 2010
•  Contracts and funding opportunities
•  Staffing update​


•  Meet the state HIV prevention staff
•  Program planning for FY 2010 - 2011
•  Social networks strategy HIV testing
•  Requests for proposals​