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Public List of Backflow Assembly Testers
Oregon Drinking Water Services (DWS) provides a current public list of OHA-certified Backflow Assembly Testers. The public can use this list to select and contact a Tester that is currently certified and has indicated availability and appropriate licensing to test assemblies for compensation. Only Oregon OHA-certified Testers can test assemblies in Oregon.

Certified public Backflow Assembly Testers on this list are required to obtain licensing through the Construction Contractor's Board (CCB) or Landscape Contractor's Board (LCB). DWS does not verify CCB or LCB licensing for individuals on this list of public Testers. Customers should always verify the licensing of any contractor they hire by using the above links or by calling the CCB at 503-378-4621 or the LCB at 503-967-6291.

Helpful List Information

The list is organized alphabetically by county name. If there are no certified public Backflow Assembly Testers listed for a county, you may choose to look at a neighboring county for additional choices or contact any Tester to ask if they are willing to travel to your location.

Water suppliers may also use this list to offer their customers a choice of Backflow Assembly Testers or to verify if a Tester is currently certified when they receive a test report on an assembly in their water system. Other non-public lists of Testers are available only to public water systems by contacting the Program Coordinator.

Any test performed by an uncertified Backflow Assembly Tester is in violation of Oregon Administrative Rule 333-061-0072(1) (PDF). A test performed by an uncertified Tester is not valid and cannot be accepted by the serving water supply system. Contact DWS to report any test performed by an uncertified Tester.