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Introduction & Rules

  • According to Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 333-061-0043 (PDF), all community water systems are required to submit an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to their customers. A CCR must cover the previous calendar year and be delivered to customers by July 1st. By rule, a copy of the CCR must also be submitted by July 1st to Oregon Drinking Water Services (DWS). See Tools & Resources, below, for resources to assist your water system in developing a CCR.
  • Community water systems must also certify their CCRs, and submit certification to DWS. The purpose of certification is to confirm that water systems delivered CCRs to their served customers, and information contained in the CCRs was correct and consistent with compliance monitoring (i.e., water quality) data already submitted to us. This certification report is due to DWS by October 1st. See Tools & Resources, below, for resources to assist your water system in developing a certification report.
  • Community water systems should submit their CCRs and certification reports to the following address:
    CCR Coordinator
    Drinking Water Services
    PO Box 14350
    Portland, OR  97293-0350
  • All community water systems are encouraged to develop their own dedicated CCR web page so that customers can access past and current reports. DWS no longer maintains a list of these online CCRs; customers should contact their water system directly for this information.

Tools & Resources

DWS and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides downloadable content to assist community water systems in developing CCRs and certification reports. Available tools and resources below include checklists, guides, CCR and certification templates, and data links.

  • DWS CCR Certification Form: PDF -or- MS Word
  • DWS CCR Checklist of Required Components (PDF)
  • EPA's iWriter Tool: This on-line application enables you to produce a regulation compliant Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).
  • EPA CCR Compliance Help: Community water systems, owners and operators can utilize materials on the web page to facilitate complying with requirements for developing a CCR. Resources also includes guides, communication tips and training materials.

Technical Assistance

DWS provides assistance for community water systems that have questions about CCR development, requirements and rules. Contact DWS CCR coordinator for assistance. You can also contact the organizations listed below for additional information and technical support:

Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule and CCRs

Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 333-061-0043(3)(l) requires community water systems to report detections of unregulated contaminants monitored for under the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR) in their annual CCR. Specifically, they must report the average and the range at which the contaminant was detected. Water systems may want to briefly explain in the CCR why they are monitoring for unregulated contaminants. EPA has provided the following general suggested explanation: "Unregulated contaminants are those that don't yet have a drinking water standard set by USEPA. The purpose of monitoring for these contaminants is to help EPA decide whether the contaminants should have a standard."

Although not required, a water system may also choose to add additional information about reference concentrations in order to provide context for their customers around the detection of a particular contaminant. EPA has published reference concentration information here (click on the UCMR 3 Occurrence Data ZIP file, open the pdf and see pages 6-11).

Additionally, Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 333-061-0042(6) requires community and non-transient non-community water systems to notify persons served by the system of the availability of the UCMR test results no later than 12 months after the monitoring results are known. Community systems can satisfy this requirement by providing a notice of availability in their annual CCR. While there is no mandatory language required for notifying customers of the availability of the UCMR data, systems may find the language used in the following public notice template useful as a guide.