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Distribution and Treatment Systems Levels 1-4
Levels 1-4 Requirements
Large water systems are classified according to the population served by the system requiring operators to be certified as Distribution Levels 1-4. Treatment plants are classified by assigning points for each unit process and then totaling these points (see the Water Treatment Worksheet (pdf)) requiring operators be certified at the corresponding Levels 1-4. Each system is required to submit a Direct Responsible Charge (DRC) Designation Form (pdf) to Drinking Water Services within 30 days of any change of DRC operator.

Certification requires applying for and passing a written exam, yearly certification renewal fees and attendance at approved continuing education. Please visit the Oregon Education Services Advisory Council (OESAC) Web site for a list of approved classes. Experience and education requirements must be met before acceptance to an exam (see Grade Level Requirements (pdf)).

Levels 1-4 System Information and Resources