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Food Handler Cards

When getting a food handler card, make sure it is approved as an "Oregon food handler card." There are a number of online courses that either say they are approved in Oregon, or imply that they are approved in Oregon when they are not.  The list below are the approved providers for Oregon.

Food Handler Cards

  • Food service workers are required to obtain a food handler card within 30 days of beginning work.
  • The cost of the card is $10.00 and the card is valid for three years.
  • Food handler cards issued in any county are valid throughout Oregon.
  • If you have a valid food manager training certificate, it is accepted in lieu of a food handler card.
  • Food handler cards issued in other states are not valid in Oregon.

Help! I've lost my card!

To get a replacement food handler card you will need to contact the Local Environmental Health Office where you originally took the test. They will be able to issue a duplicate card for $5.00. If you took the class online, you will need to contact the provider directly from the list below.

How can I get a card?

If you are interested in obtaining a food handler card, you may contact the Local Environmental Health Office in your area or take another approved class online, by mail or at your workplace.

Approved Options for Food Handler Certification


By mail:

Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association Food Handler by Mail certification

At your workplace:

OnSite Food Handler Education. Provides food handler class and certification at your work site.

Contact: Bob Anderson, 541-466-3419.

For Child Care Providers

Unapproved providers

Cards issued through these companies are NOT approved in Oregon:

  • oregonfoodhandlers - Safe Way Certifications (Austin, TX)
  • statefoodsafety - State Food Safety
  • foodsafetyinstituteofamerica
  • oregonfoodhandlercoursesonline
  • 360training




View the Food Handler Program Rules-OAR 333-175.