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Highway 36 / Triangle Lake Exposure Investigation
November 13, 2014

Final Public Health Assessment released

For many years, community members have been raising concerns about pesticides used in industrial forest management practices in Oregon's coastal mountains. Residents have expressed concerns about the effects these pesticides may have on their health and the health of their families and animals.

At an April 2011 Board of Forestry meeting, several residents announced the results of a community-led, urine sampling effort. The results showed elevated levels of atrazine and 2,4-D in their urine. The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) notified the Pesticide Analytic and Response Center (PARC) of the results. As co-chair of PARC, OHA joined a multi-agency workgroup to develop the Highway 36 Corridor Exposure Investigation (EI) in order to determine if people are being exposed to pesticides in the Highway 36 corridor, and if so, the health implications of these exposures.

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