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HIA Training and Tools

Webinar Series

Oregon Health Impact Assessment 2010-2011 Introduction to HIA Webinar Series

Training Manuals & Practice Standards

The following is a list of training manuals and guidelines that walk readers through various steps of HIA. The first three include screening and scoping worksheets, and resources for assessment.
Health Impact Assessment: A Practical Guide, University of New South Wales
An Easy Guide to Health Impact Assessment for Local Authorities, Luton Borough Council
Health Impact Assessment of Transport Initiatives: A Guide, Health Scotland
Practice Standards for Health Impact Assessment, The North American HIA Practice Standards Working Group
Considerations for the Selection of Appropriate Policies, Plans, or Projects for Analysis using Health Impact Assessment, Human Impact Partners


Online Training

Planning for Healthy Places with Health Impact Assessments

The American Planning Association offers a free e-learning course to explain the value of conducting an HIA and the steps involved in conducting it. Throughout the course, examples of health impact assessments have been highlighted and discussed. The course is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Health Impact Assessment in Practice Virtual Learning Environment

The aim of this free, downloadable course is to present examples of approaches to HIAs and increase participants’ confidence in doing HIA in practice. The course is designed for practitioners with some existing awareness of HIA, but limited experience.

Additional Resources from Oregon partners

The Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division prepared a report titled Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Among Oregon's Children summarizing research and best practices for combatting obesity in Oregon, and providing policy recommendations. Review report recommendations (pdf)

Additional Resources

Training for Health Professionals: Climate Change Policy HIA

A training designed for professionals with experience conducting or contributing to Health Impact Assessments who are familiar with climate change's potential impact on population health. The training provides a foundation of understanding different types of climate change policy and how each sector of policy can influence different health determinants. Access the Toolkit Report here. Below are the corresponding presentations for each chapter:

Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2: Climate Change Policies

Chapter 3: Screening

Chapter 4: Scoping

Chapter 5: Assessment

Chapter 6: Recommendations, Reporting, & Dissemination

Chapter 7: Summary, Monitoring, & Evaluation


Public Health Law and Policy Project

The Public Health Law and Policy Project provides training and tools for public health practitioners to engage in advocating for healthier land use policies. The publications are especially useful.

Leadership for Healthy Communities

Information about community nutrition and physical activity related initiatives, policy options, and localized partnerships is available at: Leadership for Healthy Communities.

Transportation Equity Network

Transportation Equity Network is "a national grassroots organization that fights for transportation equity. We organize to transform federal transportation and mass transit policy and funding to address the needs of the poor, the working class, the middle class, and people of color in regard to jobs, mass transit, and growth that is smart and equitable.

Built environment and public health course curriculum

The University of Virginia has created a web module designed to provide a critical overview of built environment and health topics organized in a curriculum for full academic semester or as individual modules. The module curriculum was developed in collaboration with faculty from U.S. planning and public health schools, based on their experience teaching built environment and health courses. There is also a list of universities around the country that provide training or joint degrees in public health and urban planning.

Local Public Health and the Built Environment

Since 2004, California's Local Public Health and the Built Environment project has been conducting training workshops and hosting webinars on integrating health into community design. Many of the presentations can be found on this website.

Healthy Planning Guide

From the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII): "The Healthy Planning Guide (pdf) was developed to help public health departments engage in the planning process and work with planners to develop policies that can create healthier environments and support health equity. The information is organized according to key risk factors, highlighting some associated health outcomes and how they relate to the built environment. For each major risk factor, we suggest policies to consider in the planning process and ways for public health professionals to get involved. We also list a cadre of public agencies and community partners for potential collaboration on policy solutions."