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Pesticide Poisoning

What is an acute pesticide poisoning?

An acute pesticide poisoning refers to a harmful exposure to a pesticide. These exposures may be due to inhalation, spills, or ingestion of a pesticide.

Who conducts pesticide poisoning surveillance?

The Pesticide Exposure Safety & Tracking (PEST) program tracks acute pesticide poisoning incidents in Oregon, because suspected or known cases of human pesticide poisoning are a reportable condition in the state (OAR 333-017-0000 through 333-018-0015 and OAR 333-019-0000).

The PEST program also investigates human pesticide poisonings since it is a member agency of the Pesticide Analytical Response Center (PARC). PARC is a coordinating body charged with collecting and analyzing information on reported pesticide incidents in Oregon. PARC is composed of eight state agencies that have some jurisdiction over pesticides and is co-chaired by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division.