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Social Marketing and Outreach

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Outreach and Promotional Materials 

Family Planning outreach and promotional materials may be ordered by selecting the "submit" button on the bottom of this order form (pdf).

Note: click the small images for larger versions.

Pocket Guide (English/Spanish)

Tri-fold, pocket-sized guide

"My Ideal Birth Control"

Dependable, Hassle Free

(DHS 9337)


Confiable, Simple

(DHS 9337S)

This pocket guide is designed to be used in community businesses and community partner locations.



Social Marketing Resources  
  • Social Marketing Institute
    Contains success stories, articles, events and web links related to social marketing.
  • Hands-On Social Marketing: A Step-by Step Guide by Nedra Kline Weinreich, Sage Publications (June 1999)
    This is a user-friendly guide containing step-by-step instructions for planning a social marketing project, worksheets, checklists and more.
    To order, visit:
  • Making Health Communications Programs Work: A Planner's Guide, National Cancer Institute (NCI), Health & Human Services.
    An indispensable resource, visit the NCI web site to order a copy or download your own:
  • Population Services International
    "PSI deploys commercial marketing strategies to promote health products, services and other types of healthy behavior that enable low-income and other vulnerable people to lead healthier lives."
  • Behavior Works
    "Changing behavior for public health. We are communications experts who are passionate about creating healthier communities. We change behavior by using a commercially oriented marketing approach."