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Web Browser Setup

Browser setup for the Ahlers software requires three things:

1) Use Internet Explorer, at least version 7. If you are using version 8 or above, enable Compatibility View:

- under "Tools," select "Compatibility View"

- under "Tools," select "Compatibility View Settings" and add to the "Add this website" box, select "Add"

- refresh the browser window

2) Turn off the pop-up blocker:

- under "Tools," select "Pop-up Blocker," select "Turn Off Pop-up Blocker"

3) Close other browser windows and tabs; the Ahlers software needs to be the only browser application running.


Browser setup for Internet Explorer 10:

·         Go to Internet Explorer (version 10)
·         Select the "Alt" key 
·         The Alt key brings up a toolbar under the address area 
·         Under Tools in the new toolbar Select Compatibility Settings
·         Copy and Paste the following address into the box:
·         Select "Add"
·         Log into Ahlers (BCCP data system) again