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Levels 1-4 Certification Renewal
On this page:
2014 Renewals
Renewal time is coming up and approaching fast! Do you have your two CEUs? Have you taken all the required classes pre-approved by OESAC? This being an odd year, L-Z must turn in their CEUs with renewal notice this year. Please wait to mail in the renewal notice until after you have received it in the mail on or about November 4th. When DWS receives the renewal notice too early a refund needs to be issued to the applicant. Until the renewals are generated, renewal fees can not be received.

2013 Certification
If the initial of your last name begins A-K, you are required to submit CEUs with your Renewal Application this year. The 2013 Renewal Application will be mailed on November 5, 2012. Please wait to renew online until you receive the Renewal Application. CEUs are due by the following: A-K even year and L-Z odd year. First time certified operators THIS YEAR do not need to submit CEUs until the next regular CEU cycle (in 2014).

Renewal Resources
Online Renewal Instructions - Please Read Carefully!
Drinking water system operators can now renew and pay for their operator certification online! This online process is for individual renewal and credit card payment (using Mastercard or Visa only). No signature is required for online renewal. To renew online, please have the materials below ready:
  • Mastercard or Visa credit card to pay online and
  • Renewal letter, so you can enter your assigned personal PIN# and operator certification number. Note: The certification number must be entered in the form "D-1234" or "T-1234" as appropriate. Do not forget to enter the dash in the certification number.
Once you have registered, you can change your log-in and password.
  • Instructions for using MyLicense are on each screen, as well as details letting you know about the next step.
  • Individuals holding two operator certificates must renew and pay for each separately; after renewing one, you will be redirected to renew the second certificate.
  • If your credit card payment is declined by the online system, you must submit renewal and check by mail to Drinking Water Services.
About Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Please note that even if you are renewing online, you must also mail or fax a copy of your CEUs to Drinking Water Services. Two CEUs are scheduled every 2 years based on your last name:
  • If your last name begins with A-K, you are required to submit copies of CEU certificates every even-numbered year.
  • If your last name begins with L-Z, you are required to submit copies of CEU certificates every odd-numbered year.
Please read your renewal letter for detailed mail and/or fax instructions.

Update Address and Telephone Online Too!
You can also update your address and telephone number (any time of the year) without having to call the Operator Certification Program by using the link below. This makes it very important to keep your log-in and password in a secure place.

PLEASE NOTE: Renewing your operator certification is your responsibility, not your employer's. Your employer (secretary, manager) should not renew your certificate online for you. There have been instances where operators have been missed from renewal, or the CEUs were not submitted on time, creating a late fee. For Facilities that reimburse fees, simply set up a computer area especially for online renewal for those operators wishing to renew online close to the personnel who holds the Facility's Visa or Mastercard. That way each operator renews his or her own certificate and can rest assured that their renewal is complete. This online renewal process is working great in other States.

To start registration for online renewal, click HERE!

For those who do not wish to pay online, you can still renew by mail by submitting your renewal application, check and CEUs (if scheduled) to:
Make checks payable to: OHA-Drinking Water Services
Mail signed original to:
Cashier, OHA-Drinking Water Services
PO Box 14260
Portland, ORĀ  97293-0260
Fax: 971-673-0694