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Drinking Water Services (DWS) is not currently offering the advanced course. The course materials will remain available for reference.​ 

Course Materials

Reference versions of the materials used in the 2012 advanced course are provided below. The course content was revised after its pilot year (2011) and scaled down from four topics to three.

Shock Chlorination Unit


Operator Responsibilities Under the Groundwater Rule Unit

  • Groundwater Rule and You, PPS -or- PDF

  • Coliform Sampling Plan Template for Small Water Systems Serving Up to 1,000 Persons, fillable MS Word -or- PDF

  • Exercise: Developing a Coliform Sampling Plan for a Small Groundwater System, MS Word

  •  How to Complete a Microbiological Analysis (Coliform) Laboratory Form, PDF


Source Water Protection Unit

  • Groundwater Information and Source Water Protection, PPS -or- PDF
  • Web Resources and Fact Sheets for Drinking Water Protection,PDF
  • Management Strategies for Commonly Identified Potential Sources of Contamination (PCSs) to Oregon's Sources of Drinking Water, PDF
  • Exercise Instructions, MS Word
  • Small Water System Implementation Matrix, MS Word -or- PDF
  • Source Water Protection: Why Some Public-Supply Wells are More Vulnerable to Contamination than Others, Video
Assistance with Developing your Source Water Protection Funding Application