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The information on this page is designed for and intended for use by Drinking Water Services County and Department of Agriculture partners who have specialized training and are registered as an environmental health specialists. If you have questions regarding this material please contact Drinking Water Services at (971) 673-0405.

Partners you no longer need the username and password to access the DWS partner’s website!
  • You can access the partner’s site from the main DWS website, or by going to
  • Some of the documents require a password to access. It is the same password you used to access the partners site.
Quick Reference

The Data Management Unit has created a new email address to receive electronic communications related to compliance or database updates. The new email address is

All communication related to the following should be sent to the new email address:
  • Contact Reports;
  • Corrective Action Plans;
  • Enforcement Requests;
  • RTC Requests;
  • SDWIS Inventory Change Requests; 
  • Significant Deficiency Correction or Progress; and
  • Anything else related to compliance, enforcement, sanitary surveys or SDWIS changes.