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Plan Review
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Requirements & Resources
Plan reviews are mandated by OAR 333-061-0060 (pdf), and must be submitted to and approved by Drinking Water Services before construction of a new system or major additions or modifications to existing systems can occur. View the Water System Plan Review Requirements (PDF) for more details. Resources related to plan review requirements are listed below:
  • Fee Schedule: See Table 1 for the schedule of plan review fees. All appropriate fees are required to be submitted before the plan review process can begin. Please make checks payable to "OHA Drinking Water" and mail all plans, required information and fees to the address below:
    Attention: Plan Review
    OHA Drinking Water Services
    800 NE Oregon St, Ste 640
    Portland, OR  97232-2162
Table 1. Plan Review Fee Schedule
Nature of Plan Community
Water System
Water System
Water Source $600 $150
Water Treatment (full) $600 $150
Disinfection only $150 $45
Corrosion Control only $150 $45
Distribution & Storage:    
Distribution only $600 $150
Storage only $600 $150
Combination two or more $750 $150
Master Plan $750 $150
Corrosion Control study $750 $150
As-built plans & certification statement No fee if original plans reviewed