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Each year, Oregon must submit an Intended Use Plan (IUP) to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for approval (see EPA DWSRF Interim Final Rule, 40 CFR Part 35.3555(a) (pdf)). The IUP demonstrates how Oregon intends to use DWSRF program funds for that year and explains how low-interest loan and grant assistance to eligible water systems is prioritized throughout the state of Oregon. Once EPA has reviewed and approved the IUP, the federal funds may then begin to be released.

Public comment on the IUP will typically be open one time during the year. During those open comments periods, the document will be posted here for public viewing. To view the IUP when it is not open for public comment, contact Adam DeSemple, SRF Program Coordinator, at or 971-673-0422.

Public Review
The interim final rule requires states to seek meaningful public review and comment during the development of an IUP, but does not specify what constitutes "meaningful public review" (see EPA DWSRF Interim Final Rule, Section O (pdf)) of the Interim Final Rule). It is left to individual states to determine the appropriate means to meet this requirement. Oregon has decided to simply post the announcement for public review and comments online in order to streamline the process, thus requiring much less time to implement and eliminating printing and mailing expenses. EPA Region 10 supports this decision.
  • IUP Public Notices for Comments: Now accepting public comments for the proposed Drinking Water State Revolving Fund IUP between Monday, July 11, through Friday, August 12, 2016.
  • SFY2016 IUP