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Approximately 23% of Oregonians rely on domestic wells, or private wells, as their primary source of potable water.

This makes groundwater protection and well stewardship of high public health importance. To protect both the lifelong health of Oregonians and the state’s groundwater resources, the Oregon Domestic Well Safety Program (DWSP) focuses on improving local and state capacity to assess and manage risks associated with private wells. DWSP partners with local health departments and water information providers to further promote domestic well safety.

  • MARION COUNTY: Marion County Health Department is hosting a FREE domestic well safety class on 
    April 26th, 2017 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 P.M. Connect with domestic well professionals, learn the basics of water well stewardship, and sign up a FREE water testing opportunity. The class will take place at Wellspring Conference Center in Woodburn, Oregon. 

  • LANE COUNTY:Marist and Thurston ​High Schools are offering FREE well water testing. See each school's flyer for specifc dates and details. For other testing resources, visit our Other Resources section.​
  • JACKSON COUNTY: Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District offers FREE testing on Tuesdays from 8:30-9:30 am at their office. Any community member may bring a private well water sample for rapid nitrate testing.​
  • Naturally ocurring fluoride in drinking water​ FAQ​
  • Lead contaminated water has been in the news across the nation. Learn more about Lead and your private well
  • One page contaminant factsheets for Arsenic, Nitrate, and Total Coliform Bacteria are now available.  
  • The Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA)'s DWSP have partnered to release a revised 2015 Well Owner's Handbook. The new handbo​​ok now includes health information on common contaminants, testing recommendations, additional setback requirements for new construction, updated graphics, hyperlinks and more. Every well owner should have this resource in their files. Do you??
  • If you are interested in receiving and sharing updates about private wells in Oregon and the DWSP, join our mailing list!

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