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Drinking Water Protection Bulletins
DWP Bulletin Summer 2008 (PDF)
Septic system operation basics:  Educating homeowners; Managing drinking water and climate change; Focusing on the future: The McKenzie River Septic System Project; Alternative wastewater treatment technologies now available; Addressing potential contamination: Dunes City update; Effects of deodorizing RV chemicals on campground septic tanks; Implementing drinking water protection strategies: Septic systems; Drinking water protection resources

DWP Bulletin Summer 2007 (PDF)
Cave Junction success; Strategies for abandoned wells; Legacy Pesticide Pickup; Smart growth and drinking water; Source Water Assessments; Resources and Contacts

DWP Bulletin Fall 2006 (PDF)
Source water assessments: A source of information for communities; Salem educates underground storage tank owners; Protection strategies for auto-related shops; Protecting drinking water quantity