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cannon beach

The following data comes from various sand samples collected from designated spots along the northern, central and southern Oregon coast.  All of the samples are analyzed for cesium-137 and iodine-131 content. 

Coastal sand samples are collected and analyzed quarterly. Data is updated on the website once a month.   


Sand Analysis-Oregon 2015.pdf
Archine: Sand Analysis - Oregon 2014
Archive: Sand Analysis - Oregon 2013
Archive: Sand Analysis - Oregon 2012 

*Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA):  The MDA is defined as the smallest quantity of radioactivity that can be distinguished from background radiation under specified conditions.

Sample Date Sample Location Cesium - 137 Iodine - 131
Activity (pCi/L) Activity (pCi/L)
02/10/2015 Oswald West    *<MDA   *<MDA  
02/13/2015 Harris Beach   *<MDA   *<MDA  
02/13/2015 Seal Rock   *<MDA   *<MDA  

Units: Picocurie (pCi): A unit of measurement that tells you the rate at which a sample of radioactive material decays.
1 pCi=0.037 Becquerel (Bq) = 2.22 disintegrations/minute.