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Currently the state of Oregon registers over 10,000 x-ray machines of various types. Inspections are done routinely every one to three years depending on the type of services provided.

The X-ray program has the overall responsibility for registering electronic radiation producing devices and vendor licensing throughout the state of Oregon. This program has the responsibility for the safe use of electronic radiation products in the work place. This is accomplished through tracking devices via the registration program, periodic on-site facility inspections and through public education programs.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 333-101 requires registration of X-ray machines.

Biennial Machine Registration Fee
Chiropractic, Hospital, Medical, Osteopathic, Radiologist $228
Industrial & Podiatry $152
Academic, Dental, & Veterinary $112
Vendor License: No fees at this time

Vendor Licensing (includes sales)


Vendor Service License Application  

Consultant License Application


Process: Application for Registration of X-ray Machines

  1. After a new or used x-ray machine is obtained, the seller should give you, the purchaser, a State  application form to register the machine. This form is to be completed by you, the purchaser. The completed form should then be sent promptly to the Radiation Protection Services 800 NE Oregon Street Suite 640, Portland, OR 97217 or fax to 971-673-0553
    1. If an application form has not been received, you can print out a blank  application form (Note: This form is designed to be filled out electronically and then printed to sign and fax/mail/email it in)
    2. The machine information you provide is entered into a database, and an X-ray Machine Registration Invoice is generated then mailed to the applicant. A return mail cover page is enclosed.
  2. Applicant returns the X-ray Machine Registration Invoice along with payment. Checks are to be made payable to the Oregon Health Division.
  3. A Validation Certificate is issued and sent to the applicant within approximately 4 - 6 weeks.
  4. Applicant must then POST the Validation Certificate in a conspicuous place, preferably, on or near the x-ray machine that is registered.

If you have questions regarding x-ray machine registration, you may contact Judy Smith at (971) 673-0507, or send an e-mail to