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Advisory and Sampling Guidance

children playing in lake

Health Advisory Guidelines for Harmful Cyanobacteria Blooms in Recreational Waters

Outlines the Oregon Health Authority criteria for issuing
and lifting public health advisories due to cyanobacteria blooms.​

Man taking water samples from lake

Sampling Guidelines for Harmful Cyanobacteria​ Blooms in Recreational Waters HABs Sampling Guidelines.pdf

​Provides guidance for lake managers who intend to monitor water ​bodies when potentially harmful algae blooms are detected.

Available Labs for Cyanobacteria and Toxin Testing

Contains names of laboratories that can identify algae species and cell density counts, also toxin analysis.

Fast Facts: Blue-green Algae Q&A for Water System Operators

Technical overview intended for use by drinking water operators, provides a general overview of blue-green algae and what to do if algae is detected in source water.


Visit OHA Drinking Water Services for additional algae resources for drinking water.