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Oregon State-led HIAs

Climate Smart Strategy HIA Final Report Released

In August 2014, Oregon Health Authority conducted a health impact assessment (HIA) on Phase 3 of Metro's Climate Smart Communities Scenarios Planning effort. 

  • The Climate Smart Strategy HIA - CSS HIA (pdf) is intended to provide for Metro and its partners health information and evidence-based recommendations to support the selection of a healthy final scenario by December of 2014.

In January 2013, OHA invited forty regional experts in land use planning, transportation planning, local governments, and public health to support the first of three related HIAs on Metro's planning work. These advisors provided feedback on the areas and methodologies of the most recent assessment, as well as initial findings and draft recommendations

Health Impacts of Metro's Climate Smart Communities (2012-2013)

Oregon's Health Impact Assessment program is teaming up with Metro and Oregon Department of Transportation to assess the potential health impacts of Metro's Climate Smart Communities greenhouse gas reduction scenario planning. Health impact assessment (HIA) provides decision-makers with information about how any policy, program, or project may affect the health of people. The Climate Smart Communities HIA describes the health impacts of proposed carbon-reduction strategies to decision-makers, and ensures that the best health-promoting elements are included in the preferred scenario.

Geographic area/location: Portland metropolitan area
Current Stage of Development: Reporting Completed April 2013
Sponsor: Oregon Health Authority, Office of Environmental Public Health

Wind Energy Siting (2010-2013)
The Oregon Public Health Division spent the last year responding to questions from the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE), local health departments, and community members in Eastern Oregon about the potential health impacts of wind energy facilities on Oregon communities. The Wind Energy Health Impact Assessment is a tool to help community members, elected officials and ODOE understand and respond to health-related questions about wind energy developments in Oregon. This initial HIA on wind energy is not focused on a specific facility or community. Rather, it focuses more broadly on what is currently known about the health impacts from wind farms, and the policies and standards used to site wind facilities in Oregon.

Geographic area/location: Oregon
Current Stage of Development: Reporting Completed March 2013
Sponsor: Oregon Health Authority, Office of Environmental Public Health

School Biomass Boilers (2010)

School districts around Oregon have recently been given the opportunity to convert their current heating system to biomass boilers that burn wood chips or pellets. There is some concern about the health effects of this new type of fuel, as the air emissions have not been studied. This HIA examined the health impacts of converting to biomass boilers on students, teachers and neighbors around Oregon schools. DEQ amended their program according to the HIA's recommendation.

Geographic area/location: Statewide
Current Stage of Development: Reporting completed through community meeting
Sponsor: Oregon Health Authority, Office of Environmental Public Health

HIAs led by other organizations in Oregon

Upstream Public Health and the Oregon Public Health Institute are independent non-profit organizations that have led ans supported multiple HIA project in Oregon and across the country. More about their HIA work and resources can be found on their webpages.