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OHP Developmental Screening Reimbursement

One of the leading priorities of the Oregon ABCD Early Childhood Screening Initiative is to clarify reimbursement for screening in primary care. The CPT code 96110 (Developmental screening, limited) was identified as appropriate for billing for screening tools completed by parents or non-physicians and interpreted by the physician. The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) has always reimbursed CPT code 96110 for physicians interpreting developmental screening tools. The ABCD Steering Committee recommended to the Health Services Commission that CPT code 96110 be more explicit in the OHP list of funded services by moving its placement from line 0 to line 3, preventive services for children 0-10 years. In addition, certain standardized developmental screens are now recommended in the Health Services Commission's April 1, 2008 Prioritized List of Health Services Practice Guidelines Prevention Tables (Page 121 in this link.)

Oregon Health Plan Reimburses for Developmental Screening for Young Children using the regular reimbursement process.

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