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Priority MCH Issues 2011-2015



Family violence, including intimate partner violence and child abuse

Improve Oregon's systems and services for screening women for domestic and sexual violence (DSV) and for linking those affected by DSV to adequate services. 

Alcohol and drug use of women and pregnant women, including accessibility of services (and prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

Decrease the risk of lifetime dependence on alcohol for teens and adults.

Mental health of pregnant women including accessibility of services

Improve Oregon's systems and services to identify, treat and support women with perinatal mental health disorders and support their infants and families.

Oral health of young children and early childhood cavities prevention, including accessibility of services

Increase the percent of children aged 4 years and under who have a preventive dental visit each year.

Resources for parent education and skills to support young children’s health, development, safety, and social-emotional health

Improve the state’s capacity for supporting parents in building parent skills and for linking parents to resources.

Overweight and obesity of children and adolescents, including nutrition, food security, physical activity and screen time

Increase the percent of children/adolescents with a healthy body weight.

Access to preventive services for adolescents

Increase access to preventive physical and mental health services for older children and adolescents.

Linkages for CYSHN to mental health services

Increase linkages to mental health services for children and youth with special health needs.

Access to specialized services

Increase access to specialized health and related services for underserved populations of children and youth with special health care needs.

Access to family support services, including knowledge and awareness of support services available for families of children and youth with special health needs

Increase access to family support services among families of children and youth with special health needs