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How many times has your baby been to a doctor or nurse for routine well baby care? Don't count the times you took your baby for care when he or she was sick.


My baby hasn't been for routine well baby care 1.9%
One 6.6%
Two 43.9%
Three 30.1%
Four 12.2%
More than 4 5.3%
(n = 2,023); categorized variable
Denominator is respondents whose new baby is alive and living with them now and who chose the responses above.

  • All results are weighted.
  • These results are for surveys that were mailed to mothers from March 2000 through March 2001. Child's dates of birth were from 1/1/2000 through 12/31/2000.
  • The number of respondents (n) is the number of women who chose the responses above.
  • Percents may not add to 100.0 due to rounding.

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