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Sample Forms (Word)


Sample Administrative Protocols

We are proud to present this set of administrative, financial and clinical protocols that follow the Office of Populations Affairs (OPA) Title X Requirements, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "Providing Quality Family Planning Services" (QFP), and national standards of care.

Our intent in creating these protocols was to aid our agencies in meeting the requirement that all Title X grantees and sub-recipients operate within written protocols that "are in accordance with nationally recognized standards of care, approved by the grantee, and signed by the physician responsible for the service site."

Please read and follow the Protocol Instructions (pdf) to adapt and adopt these protocols for your agency.

Accounting System and Reports


Cleaning and Disinfecting for Healthcare Settings Local Information and Education
(I & E) Advisory Committee


Program Administration and Management
Autoclave Pre-Sterilization, Operation, and Maintenance


Community Participation, Education, and Project Promotion Mandatory Reporting Planning, Evaluation, and Quality Improvement
Budgetary Control Procedures


Emergency Management Pharmacy - Ordering, Controlling, and Storage of Medications and Devices Relationship Safety
Charges, Billing, and Collections Family Involvement Procurement, Inventory Control, and Property Management Scope of Title X Reproductive Health Program

Billing Resources


ICD-9 to ICD-10 Crosswalk of CCare Billable Codes

ICD-10 implementation is here!  Starting October 1st, all medical claims with dates of service on or after October 1, 2015 need to be reported using ICD-10 codes. To help. we created a ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk of CCare billable codes. This crosswalk can be used to work with systems and EHR vendors for the transition to ICD-10.
As you look at the crosswalk, please note:
  • Under ICD-10, the implant no longer has it's own diagnosis codes; however, Depo does have its own newly developed ICD codes.
  • Our crosswalk identifies the CCare-recommended code equivalents. However, other payers may prefer and/or require that other codes be used. Please make sure you have a clear understanding of what codes other payers will accept.


Effective Contraceptive Use Metric Summary (pdf)

Beginning in January 2015, a new Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) incentive metric on effective contraceptive use among women at risk of unintended pregnancy was implemented. This short summary provides details on how the effective contraceptive use metric is calculated, how effective contraceptive use metric performance affects the quality pool funds that CCOs may be eligible for, what methods are considered effective contraception, and additional resource links including the full effective contraceptive use guidance document on the OHA Office of Health Analytics website.

Effective Contraceptive Use Metric Summary (pdf)