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Materials for Title X Providers

Title X Tools

Title X Review Tool

This new version of the Triennial Review Tool was revised in March of 2015. Download the Word document

Annual Plan Information
Here you will find documents relevant to the FY2016 Reproductive Health Annual Plans, Required for Title X agencies.
  • Description of goals, objectives, and suggested activities for Title X Annual plan preparation: Download the pdf
  • FY2013 baseline data on clinical and counseling services: Download the pdf
  • FY2015 6-month update data to check your progress on your FY2015 goals and to assist in selecting new goals for FY2016. (Note: With only 6 months of data, the numbers may look higher or lower than they truly will be when we have a full year of data to look at) Download the pdf
Revenue and Expenditure Report Training

These slides describe the purpose and provide instructions for the Revenue and Expenditure Report each Title X agency is required to submit quarterly: Download the pdf.

Title X Requirements

The Title X Requirements can be found in Section B of the Program Manual.

Title X Online Trainings

For current information on Title X, please visit the Office of Population Affairs, and keep an eye out for training tools, activities, and job aids from the Family Planning Training Centers!

Information and Education (I & E) Advisory Committee and Community Participation

Information and Education (I & E) Advisory Committee and Community Participation Made Easy!

This 15-minute training gives you step-by-step instructions for:

  1. Meeting Title X requirements for I & E advisory committee membership, organization and function, and
  2. Meeting Title X community participation requirements.

Image of training slideWatch the training

Presented by Marsha Brantley, Reproductive Health Education Consultant, Family Planning Program, 2010.
iew the Title X Family Planning Information and Education (I & E) Advisory Committee and Community Participation Guidelines (doc)


Cost Analysis Training with Gerry Christie (2011)

Download the Manual (pdf) and the corresponding workbook that applies to you.
We recommend participants read the manual and all related attachments prior to viewing the webinars.
Tip: The workbooks were created in Excel 2007 but saved as Excel 2003 documents. When opening the workbook, be sure to choose "Enable Macros." Ignore warning message when closing/saving; you can continue. You will not lose any real functionality. The formulas and macros will still work. 
 View the full series in order:
  1. Cost Analysis Review - Part 1 Corresponding slides (pdf)
  2. Cost Analysis - Part 2 Corresponding slides (pdf)
  3. Cost Analysis - Part 3 Corresponding slides (pdf)
  4. Cost Analysis - Part 4 Corresponding slides (pdf)


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