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Maternal Mental Health HB2666 Workgroup

What is the HB 2666 Maternal Mental Health Work Group?

HB 2666 created a work group on Maternal Mental Health disorders (prenatal through one year postpartum). The work group consists of  members appointed by the Director of the Department of Human Services, and the group submitted a report with findings and recommendations for legislation, changes in rules, standards, policies and funding to the Legislative Assembly September 15, 2010.

The charge of the HB 2666 Maternal Mental Health Work Group was to:

  • Identify vulnerable populations and risk factors in Oregon for maternal (prenatal through one year postpartum) mental health disorders.
  • Identify and recommend effective, culturally competent, and accessible prevention, screening/identification, and treatment strategies (including public education and awareness, provider education and training, and social support services).
  • Identify successful maternal mental health initiatives in other states; recommend programs, tools, strategies, and funding sources for similar programs in Oregon.
  • Recommend evidence-based practices for health care providers and public health systems.
  • Recommend private and public funding models.
  • Identify actions to be taken by 2015 to reduce the risk of harm to women and children.
  • Submit a report with findings and recommendations to the Legislative Assembly no later than Sept 15, 2010.

HB 2666 Maternal Mental Health Work Group - Flow Chart Overview 
Work Group Meeting Minutes

Services Sub-committee

Systems and Financing Sub-committee