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Health at School
Adolescents gathered at school

There is a strong, well-established link between health and learning.

Students’ health impacts attendance, test scores and the ability to pay attention in class. Emotional, social and physical health problems can become barriers to learning making it difficult for students to be academically or behaviorally successful in school. Schools are also workplaces that can support the well-being of teachers, staff, and visitors. 

Cover of Choking Game Fact Sheet

The Choking Game Fact Sheet

A fact sheet for parents and teachers. This fact sheet provides 2009 data on the awareness of and participation in the choking game among 8th graders in Oregon.

It reviews the signs and symptoms of participation in youth, and outlines important messages and steps parents, teachers and other adults can do to help prevent participation in this dangerous activity.  


Cover of Health and Academic Achievement Fact Sheet

Health and Academic Achievement Fact Sheet

This publication provides a brief overview of the research connecting health with educational indicators such as test scores, attendance, and high school graduation.

It also includes Oregon Healthy Teens data.