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Reporting complaints, fraud or abuse

Use the form below to submit your complaint or report of fraud or abuse. Please provide enough information to allow WIC to follow up on your complaint.

  • About participant/shopper:
    Participant/shopper name, participant/shopper address or city, WIC ID number, voucher number or eWIC card number, transaction date and time, names/descriptions of other persons involved, location, specific food/formula involved, website names or links to web pages.
  • About grocery store/farmer/farmers' market: store/farm/farmers' market name, location, date, names/descriptions of other persons involved, the specific food/formula involved
  • About WIC clinic: Clinic name, location, whether the interaction was in person or over the telephone, who you spoke with
  • About WIC program: Describe what about the program you would like to see changed or resolved.
  • About other: If you feel your concerns do not fall under any of the above categories, please be as specific as possible describing what you would like to tell the program.