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Status reports



 eWIC participant education materials

See the eWIC materials checklist for a complete list of materials and release dates



Promoting eWIC to participants




eWIC face-to-face training materials




Clinic operation resources

 Certification and clinic operations




Job aids



eWIC promotion resources



eWIC Policies

  • 501e - Ordering and securing eWIC cards
  • 510e - eWIC cardholder requirements
  • 511e - Food benefit issuance
  • 561e - Program integrity: replacement of food benefits
  • 595e - Program integrity: separation of duties
  • 610e - Required proofs - identity, residence, income
  • 621e - Providing WIC services during home visits (approved by USDA)
  • 635e - Participant notification: Eligibility and rights and responsibilities
  • 636e - Participant notification: Ineligibility and termination from WIC
  • 769 - Assigning WIC food packages (for both vouchers and eWIC)
  • 770 - Authorized Foods (for both vouchers and eWIC)
  • 823e - Nutrition education: second nutrition education using online classes (approved by USDA)
  • 835e - Nutrition education: attendance or refusal