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Farm Direct Nutrition Program
The Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Program (Farm Direct) provides WIC families and low income seniors with checks to purchase fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetable and cut herbs directly from local farmers. In 2015, local farmers earned $1.16 million in Farm Direct sales to seniors and WIC families. 


Training & Reference Materials
  •  View flyer describing opportunities for farmers with the Farm Direct Nutrition Program.
  •  View Farm Direct Nutrition Program Rules for Participation, which applicant farmers must review in-person with their market manager to state WIC staff prior to authorization.
  • Farmer Guide, which farmers receive upon authorization. Describes everything that authorized farmers need to know about Farm Direct checks. (Currently under revision, check back for updates)
  •  View Market Manager Guide that markets received upon Farm Direct designation. Describes everything market managers need to know about market participation in the Farm Direct Nutrition Program, including how to provide the required face-to-face Farm Direct training to applicant farmers.
  • Go to WIC's Fruit & Veggie Resources page. Includes a link to the Oregon Department of Agriculture's searchable directory of farm stands and farmers' markets authorized to accept Farm Direct checks.