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Fruits and Veggies: From Farmers to Families

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Find a WIC Farmer


To find a Farm Stand or Farmers' Market where you can you can spend your WIC Fruit and Veggie vouchers or Farm Direct checks, check out this searchable directory of Oregon farm stands and farmers' markets.  



Fruit and veggie benefist and Farm Direct checks

Now there are two ways WIC helps families buy fruits and vegetables!!

Oregon WIC fruits and veggie benefits: The Oregon WIC fruit and veggie benefit was added to the WIC food package in August 2009. All women and children enrolled in the WIC Program receive these benefits for fruits and vegetables on a monthly basis. 
WIC Fruit & Veggie vouchers come in several different amounts. WIC participants can spend their benefits on fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables year-round at authorized grocery stores.  
Farm Direct checks: The Oregon WIC has been distributing Farm Direct checks to families for more than ten years. WIC receives enough funding to offer Farm Direct checks to about 25% of enrolled WIC participants each year 
The $4 checks can be used at authorized Farmers' Market Check (for Senior and WIC recipients)farm stands and farmers markets. The farmers market checks can be spent on locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables and can be used from June 1st through October 31st.
  • Tips on selecting and storing fruits and vegetables   English  Spanish



Recipes and Helpful Hints for Cooking and Storing Fruits and Veggies